Mafia Congressional Elections!

Welcome to the 2nd annual Mafia Congressional Elections!

The purpose of this election to appoint our 5 new congress people for the second session of the mafia congress.

Mafia congress responsibilities include:

  1. Being in charge of anything and everything to do with CD mafia.
  2. Running the regular and off-season.
  3. Running rankings systems, and MVP selection.
  4. Finding our mafia champs candidate.
  5. Final say in all rules violations.
  6. In charge of following years’ elections.
  7. Keeping a strong relationship with CD mods/
  8. Recruiting new players.
  9. Cultivating the skills of veteran players.
  10. Settling any disputes.
  11. Delegating responsibilities as they see fit, to individuals or groups. This includes removal of those responsibilities if necessary.
  12. Creating an fun environment to play mafia in!

Keep in mind you are electing a representative, not the best player!

The election will work as follows:
Signups will be open from now until 2019-11-06T07:00:00Z.
You can sign up to be a candidate here!
You will be asked to put in your CD username, and a one paragraph blurb on why you are running and why you should be elected.

You must be on this list to sign up for elections - this means you are an active member of the CD mafia community.
  • 000peo
  • Bepwei
  • brandn03
  • darth_tabor
  • EricH
  • EricKline
  • ExplosivesLead2412
  • gellnick
  • GoalkeeperBoss
  • hopelessdiamond2412
  • JKBear331
  • k.aylee2412
  • Kaitlynmm569
  • Mika1820
  • Mink
  • Mr.Mascot
  • orangeandblack5
  • OroArmor
  • quin
  • Scout6088
  • SergeantSpork5853
  • Squirrel2412
  • TheFlash
  • Thequackmaster
  • typeusernamehere

After the initial sign ups, all player profiles will be posted here in the OP. A second survey will be posted with all of the candidates. You will be given the choice to pick your top 5 candidates in order. Your top pick will be given 5 points towards their total. 2nd pick will be given 4, and so on. In the event of a tie, a run off election will be held to determine a winner between the tie. You can vote here!

Voting will close at 2019-11-08T07:00:00Z. You must be an active member of the CD community to vote (see list above).

The 5 members with the most votes will be elected into congressional positions. The hand off will happen on 2019-12-01T19:00:00Z.

Good luck! Keep this thread dedicated to questions about the elections, and allowing candidates to campaign.

The candidates!

In order of sign up


You should re elect me as I am a seasoned veteran of CD mafia having played as town, mafia, illuminati and I have moded some games as well. I think I am a good choice as when things need to get serious I can and that Is needed in the Congress. Thanks for reading from your friendly mafia playing duck.


I’m currently a member of the CD Mafia Congress, and I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job. I’m a dedicated CD Mafia player, and I tend to play for the fun of the game, not to win or not, so I care more about the players than the game. I won’t make y’all read a wall of text like most of my analysis, so I’ll cut this short and end it here.


I have successfully modded several games on Chief Delphi, as well as played with almost 0 rule violations myself. I love introducing new game roles and mechanics to keep our regulars having fun, while introducing new players to our community. I can organize mafia games efficiently, and spend too much time on CD, so I might as well be actually doing something. I’m generally established on CD and have a good relationship with the forums mods. I’m a stickler for rules, and are always looking for ways to balance our games, and keep em fun.


I have been a part of CD mafia since becoming a backup during M7 roughly 6 months ago. Since then, I have participated in almost every other game, either as a player or as a backup. I was also able to have my hand as a mod during M11. Though that specific experience was not great, I do love the idea of modding and would love to do it again. I am definitely one for making sure all rules are followed, and ensuring that those who break the rules get adequate repercussions. I have been in many situations in real life where those who break the rules get off the hook easy peasy, and I feel that in order to keep CD mafia a fun and enjoyable place to play, rules should not be broken. I also just really love mafia and everyone in the CD mafia community and I’ve spent numerous hours with all you and I hope I’m considered thank you have a nice day :heart::heart::heart:


It was really frustrating being on the Mafia Congress this past year. Although I was able to help settle several game integrity issues, the 100-140 hours I was spending every week on Solar Car really diminished the amount of time I had to play games here, interact with you all, and make actual tangible changes to the community; and, as essentially the “founder” of modern FRC Mafia, this really sucked. But, now that my obligation to Solar Car has ended, I hope to be able to put a lot more time into making FRC Mafia bigger and better. I have several changes I’m hoping to make, including some that I expect will start to roll out during elections if the rest of the current Congress approves, and am going to be looking to help grow FM on CD even more than it already has. I’ve also been working with some of the people developing Discourse, our forum software, to try and make some future changes that will help us play Mafia more effectively and with more integrity. Additionally, I’m looking into hosting a 100-player game with not only Chief Delphi but also several other FM sites, which should help grow our awareness amongst the wider Forum Mafia community. I would love to have one of your votes to let me continue to have a voice in helping this budding community take off.


The question to be asked by the community is do they want me in a position of power in respect to CD mafia community. If that is a yes then it should be possible to to do such. I would encourage all members of our community to participate in this notion and voice their opinions on what they want to be the future of CD mafia the path that we are going down. I would encourage any elected member to listen to what has been told to them by the people they represent. Being active and participatory in the activities of the community as a general. Know how to deal with common mod issues (imbalances in game design, slip ups by other players). The things mentioned here do not just apply to myself but for all members of the congress and would like them to be up held by any members and I hope they will be.


I am applying to be a member of the Mafia Congress because I have many ideas for improvements to the Congress and the community as a whole. I believe our governing body needs to have a system of checks and balances in order to maintain accurate representation and maximum benefit for the community. Alongside these changes I propose we make modifications to promote better functionality and transparency into the roles and actions of the Congress, which include working with @GoalkeeperBoss and others to create a thorough constitution and responsibility/restrictions list for the Congress. I will also implement a system to remove members of Congress if it becomes necessary. In addition to Congress reforms, I have multiple ideas for improving the structure and player retention. I plan on implementing the Senior Mod system to limit the errors made in modding games as well as providing role models for new mods to follow. Additionally, to accommodate our growing community, I want to build our game structure to a point where we can have two games of different levels running at the same time. This will benefit new players by giving them a baseline game style to play as well as allow active members to maintain status by providing games that require less attention and more casual activity levels. If I am not elected or if I withdraw, I will continue to maintain and make changes to the player database to fit the needs and standards of our community. This is something that I hold separate from my potential Congress responsibilities, and if I decide to leave the community at some point, I will pass this database onto another active member. The Mafia Congress was created to better regulate and structure CD Forum Mafia to benefit the community as a whole. With my ideas and motivation, we can make meaningful changes that will benefit our community and future community/Congress members.


A vote for @typeusernamehere is a vote for the future. A vote for a better tomorrow. A vote for freedom. A vote to keep order in this community.

We need fresh faces, new ideas, and a way to manage spam and chat. I can help do that. We need good grammar and spelling. I can help do that.

We need to organize. We need to improve. And most importantly, we need to have fun.


So I am running to be on this congress becasue I feel that I can help further our community organization and keep going what we have going. As some of you may know when @ericKline was off to college getting ready I helped get the mafia league subteams going to get their projects done and fully integrated. I feel like I have done what I can at my current position of scheduleign lead but I would liked to take it further. I plan on adding to our organization system so that signups can go up within a day or so of us finishing a game and then a week after signups go up the game is set to start.


As a current member of the mafia congress, I have worked my hardest to be a leader for all. The purpose of mafia on CD is to have fun and build community, therefore the congress should be working to achieve those goals. This does not require having some big and complex government system, and therefore I will not advocate for the expansion and continuing complication of the congress. However, to achieve these goals, having a group that can decide how to handle potential rule breakers, or to add new features or organization systems to our game only increases the quality of the game play on CD, while keeping the burden on players down. As your congressperson, I will work to create a fun place to play, with integrity always in mind, and I will work to make sure that the congress is a group working with the players, to create new features that they want. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

These were how the candidates wrote them. If candidates want to edit, they can


Hey y’all, I would love to be a part of this second congress, and I think I could increase enjoyment for all players, new and regular, while balancing games and making sure rules are followed. Introducing balanced new roles and game mechanics will be a main focus, as well as improving our ranking systems, and brining our mafia community to a whole new level. If you have any questions about how I would do things please feel free to ask or pm

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Wasn’t there a form for that :eyes:

Yes, but bottom of op also says we can campaign here so I figured might as well get the ball rolling

I am going to re write mine. I rushed the one in that forum

Hello my fellow mafia players. I will be running for the second Congress as I was elected and currently am part of the first Congress and am one of the most active and most experienced players as I have played as every alignment many times and even modded a few games. What I want to do is make better rules that make more sense and highlight key areas of the game that need to be fixed while also allowing for more freedom in strategy. I would also like to do something pretty special, CD specific set ups created by our players along side Congress so that players can get maximum enjoyment from our games by playing set ups they helped create. I would also like to create better scheduling for the games in the future that trys it’s best to be the best possible for people from any time zone. If you would like to ask any more questions feel free to PM or ask them in here

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Hi y’all, I’m not sure if I wanna be part of Congress, kinda just wanna run my database and have a place to throw my ideas in. Any opinions on what I should do with that?

maybe make it a public but non editable database?

Hello In response to @darth_tabor I would like to propose a 6th and final seat in the mafia Congress specifically for a “logistics” and data person in order to supply and help the Congress when making decisions pertaining to certain players thank you very much have a nice day


What happens in the event of a tie?

Why dont we create a new section of the mafia commity for data?

I mean with the should I run or not. Like I could and I think I’m qualified to, but running this mess isn’t really my scene. Database stuff and random ideas such as Senior Mod and Active Status are really what I’m going for here

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A tie breaker vote is held I think. It happened last election between me and @EricH


The follow responsibility has been added in response to @Kaitlynmm569

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Exactly, I’ll add that

*2nd biannual


The only reason this is when it is because of the the new schedule. From no on, new congress people will take control on December 1st every year

no i know, i was just kidding because the first election was less than half a yr ago lol

but yea i get it lol

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Seems iffy, if you’re gonna go that route than you need clauses for the removal of members if necessary (ie inactivity, egregious error/behavior, etc)

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