Mafia Congressional Elections!

Sounds like something I would address if I was elected :thinking:

That is implyied.

I can specific though. In reality, the congress can do whatever they please in regards with maifa, the responsibilitys is just to be clear



There. Now that, is a correct correction.

Is there a constitution of bill of rights or something like that for CD Mafia congress? Is it kinda like self regulating. If there is no established guidelines or clauses for cd Congress members, that is something I would like to address

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Go ahead.

None of that exists. Optimally, the next congress would do something like that.

Realistically there should be restrictions on the governing body tho, checks and balances and such. Probably someone outside the congress who can observe their actions and determine if proper steps need to be taken to change things in the congress

That’s you guys

We only have power if you choose to follow lol


Perfect, I think establishing some sort of central constitution like doc might be a center piece of my campaign. I think it would be the most efficient way to have a congress

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Exactly. However, specific rules and regulations would be a good idea for next mafia to do, we simply never got arround to it

I 100% agree

Like realistically, none of us are actual mods, so I don’t think we need to attempt a complex checks and balances system when you guys getting mad works just as well


That’s part of the issue. Nothing to get mad abt if nobody knows what you do, there needs to be transparency within the congress as well

@GoalkeeperBoss I’m interested in what kind of regulations you’re thinking of

Care to explain a bit more in-depth

Yeah I guess, but I don’t think attempting to put something in place isn’t going to do us any harm, and will probably only result in good

I’m not responding to your constitution idea

That’s probably fine lol

Should we have a “media person” who is in the Congress PM and is the one who communicates rules to the players but they can not talk at all?

Gimme a bit to get to a pc, I’ll do it there cuz mobile sucks