Magic CAD

The other day I was watching a show where there was a magic pencil. With this pencil, anything drawn comes to life and walks off the page. This made me think, what if you had Magic CAD. Anything you drew came to life and popped out of the screen. What would you draw? I have a couple of ideas of my own, but want to wait for a few responses before posting.

Hopefully one day rapid prototyping will be like this :slight_smile:

I’d draw a robot that uses the magic cad to draw copies of itself… :yikes:


I have thought about this numerous times before. I even went so far as to show one of my friends, with arm flailing/yelling/acting how it would work :cool: Anyway, my idea was to make a program that would take a scanned image of graph paper and transform it into a 3d model.

Every time I bring it up with my friend, he suggests I actually use my Tablet.
In conjunction with Google Sketchup…


A few thousand bricks of gold… oh and a Marshall Plexi.

If you think something like this doesn’t exist, you’ve never been to 148’s shop…

I’d start with a sweet flight capable exoskeleton, then move on to building myself a floating castle… Er, fortress typathingy.

It seems like Stark used “Magic CAD”, so a good test would be to draw an Iron Man suit.

I think one of the first things I made would be a robotic companion. Something like a dog but with many more uses. Who knows? Maybe make an R2D2.

I would design a metric crescent wrench, a wire stretcher, a left-handed screwdriver, and a three-sided square.

And I’m amazed nobody has said “flux capacitor” yet.

well if you needed a flux capacitor all you need to do is use the one in the magic CAD machine… :rolleyes:


Was said show spongebob? :smiley:


Well, that and the Ninja Turtles.