"Magic Smoke" came out? Here's the cure.


I thought this was humorous. I’d love to get a jar of this stuff, if nothing else for the Victors.





lol :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: that is pretty humorus good find


I wonder if that would be an alternate to the refill juice kits for the smoke (aka: Fog) machines we use at the Haunted House I work at in the month of October. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta check to see if that’s non-toxic smoke first I guess. We don’t want any of our guests getting light-headed while walking through the attraction. lol


Reading more, I see that it’s OE replacement smoke for Lucas wiring harnesses. I doubt it’ll work for Victors, or fog machines.


Having been the owner of 1975 MG midget (MG does not stand for “Morris Garage” as the Brits would have you believe, it stands for “Mostly Grief”), I have some insight into this product:

Since it’s made by Lucas, it won’t work, or if it does, it will fail again shortly after you put it back in service.

The installation of even something simple, like smoke, will require complete disassembly, use of multiple special tools (some of which you will have to fabricate) judicious application of hammer and torch, and many bruised knuckles and cuts.


I have found that foul language seems to be a requirement as well.