Magic: TG meets Gulf War II

from today’s SomethingAwful Comedy Goldmine…

War is in the air, and soon we will be entering an exciting, action-packed battle in Iraq featuring many blurry photographs, some of them featuring neon green lights. To celebrate this upcoming festival of mass casualties and war crimes, the folks on the Something Awful Forums decided to combine their knowledge of major battles with their inherent nerd-knowledge of the popular card game for recluses, “Magic: The Gathering.” The result? A Something Awful Goon collection of Wizards of the Coast “Gulf War 2: The Reckoning” cards!

Disclaimer: Political and satirical humour ahead. If you don’t like satire, don’t click the link and save yourself the complaining. This is supposed to be a humour thread - the political discussion has been locked for a reason.

hehe… this is one of the better ones, and from the first page, too!

You can tell that whoever made those doesn’t really play Magic. The grammar is pretty bad too. Just look at the one you posted. “You make search your deck?”

I thought they were hilarious, personally. They don’t fit Magic too well, but they’re funny nonetheless.