Magic the Gathering? I think so...

Anybody play Magic? I’ve been playing for a while now. Lots of FIRST people play. I’ve currently in the last 2 weeks got around 6 kids to start playing.

Share the Magic love

I play a lot, and specialize in burn decks. We used to play before meetings, but then everyone switched to minecraft.
I miss it :frowning: I was really good…
I was the only girl though D:

Hmm… Magic and ponies… I like the way you think…

I don’t play too much, but I know how to. I have white/blue levelling deck. I love my Student of Warfare. One plains to play and levels help insanely with the help of my Venerated Teacher.

I use to play a lot but have kind of fallen out. I have an elf token deck that can produce unlimited tokens. I just didn’t like spending money and stuff.

Green and blue draw-a-lot-of-cards deck.

But casual play only, and then only against my cousin. :slight_smile:

Black/red Destroy/Burn, 5 color Slivers (My personal favorite), and mono-red burn.

I’ve been playing for years, but since my family moved I can’t find any of my cards :frowning:

I’ve been playing over LAN. If anyone knows a way for me to play over the internet via any method, tell me!

Also, if anyone does find a way, I’d be happy to play some games. :slight_smile:

Blue/white control copy deck with Wurmcoil engine.

Pretty nasty deck.

Perhaps over skype? ^.^ haha That’s how I have to play with my friends sometimes… Either that or google hangout for games with multiple people.
(I do the same with D&D as well, but that’s irrellevant to this thread…)