Magic The Gathering

Hey I just wanted to know how many play Magic The Gathering within the FIRST teams that are going to Florida this year. I think it would be cool if we could organize some sort of tournament. Anyways, I’m also just interested if anyone plays within FIRST.

i wish i could be there, i have a really fun deck. oh well. i hope you do have a turnie, if you do i want stats. hey maybe you could get it dci sanctioned.:cool:

I was really good when I played. I should go reassemble my decks. They have been gathering dust for the past year or two…
Think it will hurt that I havn’t bought any new cards in the past 4-6 years? As in, are the cards getting stronger, weaker, or staying basicly the same strength?


Back in my day......

I’m just starting to learn, my brothers are teaching my sister and I. I would like to play, just for the hell of it, but I don’t think my deck is that great :smiley:

I Haven’t played in like 3 years or more! But I used to be big into it, as you can see by my name!

I stopped playing years ago due to a lack of people to play with. :frowning: I’d be willing to haul out my cards and try to assemble a deck if somone wanted to play, though! I really liked that…

yeah i saw a few people playing outside last year, and its not too popular here either, but if you go to the right places it is. yeah chuck a deck together, and well see what happens

About 5 years ago I played magic…but well i sold all my cards for cash…oh well too bad

I would play but my decks were stolen (here at school we used to play all the time, many of us won tournaments around town). And Wetzel, the strategies availble to you with the new card sets are much different, and anyone who hasnt bough since at least Mercadian Masques will be at a huge disadvantage. Overall newer decks tend to be much faster then say Urza’s block decks. My green weenie deck was famous for its 3rd or fourth turn kill.

Screw Urza’s Saga, try 4th edition :slight_smile:

Urza’s Saga? Mercadian Masques?

I guess I’m old school… when I stopped playing the newest cards I had were from Tempest and Stronghold…

Btw how are Goblin decks nowadays?

*Originally posted by J 188 *
**Urza’s Saga? Mercadian Masques?

I guess I’m old school… when I stopped playing the newest cards I had were from Tempest and Stronghold…

Btw how are Goblin decks nowadays? **

Stronghold? Tempest?
I guess I am really old school…Ice Age had just come out when I got out…


Old age has it's memories

Yeah I got out right when they released Tempest. I have one or two decks still made, I never reorganized them. My decks suck though, I never made good ones, but then there are people that can play with ANY deck and kick @$$. it’s crazy man. If anyone is actually interested in playing, I’ll bring a few decks and spare cards and we can set something up. I think I’m staying in All Star Music. !!
CAN"T WAIT 6 MORE DAYS!!! (we’re getting there wednesday)

wow…magic…its been forever since ive heard those words…i havent played in like a year and a half…it got old real-quick…but my white deck is kickin…

i sold all my cards about 5 years ago. i shouldn’t have because i had some cards that were worth some money

Lol Wetzel!

Ok, for those of you that stopped playing around tempest and stronhold, there have been a wikked lot more of new sets. Urzas Destiny, and Urza’s Legacy, Mercadian Masques, Nemesis, Prophecy, Invasion, Planeshift, Apocolypse, Odyssey, and Torment. I quit playing for a while too, but I picked it up again. It’s still alot of fun, I think.

maybe so but all the new rules are retarded…and the new sets dont have the same effect the old ones did

Bought a turnament pack at the mall today of the Odessy series.
I’m gonna take a look at it and see whats up with these card.
One was shinny!! What is with these newfangled cards…


The reflection is blinding.

its called “foil” it has no purpose but to look good…its the imac of magic cards… :smiley:

wetzel i think your going to be dissapointed with the new cards…ima stick to the old school…