magnetic encoders

hey, CD,

i know there are several threads regarding the mounting of the magnetic encoders. However, we are not sure as to how the magnet is mounted upon the motor shaft. is the cap to be drilled to fit (YIKES:eek:), or am i overlooking the simple?

Thanks for the feedback

The magnet will probably stick to the end of the shaft. You just need to find a way to make it stay there. :slight_smile:

I used a short length of heat-shrink tubing around the shaft and magnet. The typical post for mounting a US Digital E4P encoder is just the right size for that. Perhaps a drop of an appropriate adhesive would work for you.

The spec sheet recommends keeping the magnet away from ferrous materials so I don’t know how happy the encoder will be with the magnet stuck to a steel shaft. Our plan is to machine an aluminum cup where one end is held to the motor shaft using a set screw and the other has a small cup to epoxy the magnet into.