Magnetic Piston Programming

Hello CD members.
My team is planning on using a BIMBA magnetic piston on the robot. We are going to use magnetic sensors with a double solenoid to control the height of the piston. Unfortunately, due to my relative inexperience with Labview, I am unable to find a way to program them correctly. Has anyone here had any success writing code for these kind of pistons?

Pneumatic cylinders with magnets are controlled just like pneumatic cylinders without magnets. Use either a Spike relay or the Solenoid Breakout to activate the solenoid valves.

The embedded magnets are detected by Hall effect sensors strapped to the outside of the cylinder. Power the sensor with whatever it requires (I expect that will be 12 volts), and wire its output to the SIG pin of a Digital Input. That will let you read the state of the sensor, which should reflect whether the cylinder’s magnet is next to the sensor.

Does that help?

It does a little. I have very little experience with Labview (and programming in general, really), so if an example could be provided, it would help out a lot.