Magnetic Reed Switches and cylinder boom positions????

My team and i are trying to get a cylinder to extend to 3 different positions. I was wondering if using 3 Magnetic Reed Switches, and just telling the solenoid to stop when the right switch closes, would work?

I was looking over the Pneumatics Manual earlier. I don’t really know all that much about pneumatics, but I would think that it would:rolleyes: be possible, don’t take my word on that though.

I’m just not sure how exact/precise/accurate it would be though. You might have better luck by getting 3 cylinders with a short throw and actuating each one independently.

If you do use the Magnetic Sensor, I’m interested in their performance. We have ordered 2 cylinders with the Magnetic Sensor just to know their position though, whether or not they are actuated.

if we get the reed switches to work ill post it and how we did it

If you want to position a pneumatic cylinder in more than one position, you will need to use more than one solenoid in your system. The magnetic switches aren’t useful to sense a cylinder midway if it is traveling quickly. Linked below is a white paper on how to make a multi-positioning pneumatic cylinder. - how to make a multi position pneumatic cylinder

Basically with solenoids like we get in the KOP you cant do it. From what I have looked at you would need to use 2 single acting solenoids and then vary the prssure difference between them to get the desired position.

its prolly too late right now
but the way i would do it
use 2 solenoids
the first solenoid u connect normally
input from ur compressor or tank
the 2 outputs to ur cylinder
then the exhaust goes to the input of ur second solenoid
on the second solenoids main output, you attach a closed loop
(a short piece of tubing, a “T” and another piece of tubing connecting both side of the “t” together)
now since the exhaust is limited it wont shoot all the way up or down
it will be positional…tap whatever button u programmed it too and it will only move slightly
the main problem is the wiring the second and first solenoid have to be wired together off the same spike but u have use 2 diodes between them so u dont want both side of the solenoid firing at the same time
in other words u the exhaust solenoid to fire everytime u push the button but u dont want the main solenoid to be firing both sides
with it firing slower u may be able to use that switch
if u need more info i can draw up a diagram
just ask

the other option, instead of diodes, is run both off 2 diff spikes and have the 2 outputs on a spike ( M+ and M- ) connected to the positives on a solenoid ( one spike per solenoid ) the negatives from the solenoid are crimped togeather and run to the gnd on the spike (you will have to make sure you crimp another wire with them to run to the gound on the breaker panel) and have an on/off switch programed to the main one and have a push button ( arcade style ) programed for the exaust one.

We did this on our '05 bot…worked wonders :slight_smile:

Controlled two huge cylinders (so they were completely multi-positioning) with only 3 spikes :ahh: