magnetic sensor

we want to use a magnetic sensor that we found at radio shack. they are made for doors and when you open the door, they beep. we bought one and want to modify it to help track the position of our turret. would this be legal?


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Q: Are electromagnets and/or permanent magnets allowed for use on the robot?
A: Electromagnets are not allowed. Permanent magnets are allowed as long as they satisfy the 2005 Parts Use Flowchart.

I do not beleive that necessarily applies to Justin’s question, as that was for independent magnets, not magnets integrated in a COTS sensor.

However, he would only be able to use permanent magnets on the arm to trip the sensor.

I agree
On our robot, we are using small magnets in the wheel sprockets with a hall-effect sensor (much more helpful than the gear-tooth sensors!) reading them, and we never saw anything in the rules disallowing that (and we have some real sticklers!!)


As long as it can pass through the parts flow chart and NOT violate any other rule, it would pass my inspection.

I would agree, it is part of a sensor and appears to pass through the flow chart.