M'Aiken Magic 1102 - Presents Kirby

Since the other videos that I’ve shared were of our practice robot we thought we’d share our competition robot!

#NoGreenWheels #MagicisBack

Wow, that really sucks!

Great job!

Kirby is a terrific name. I own and use a Kirby, they are great. Well done, I hope your team has fun and does well!

That’s funny I didn’t know that there was a vacuum brand name called Kirby.

We were naming it after the video game character Kirby that has a power to absorb enemies powers by sucking them up!

This is the most disorienting thing that has ever happened to me on CD. I knew about the character but did NOT think of it when. I saw your robot’s name.

This is the suckiest robot I’ve seen so far this year.

It certainly inhales audibly.
I am JVN.
Will it fit in Shaun’s backpack?
Are there any other old-timer references I could fit in? Oh, pooh(bear).

Awesome robot. Kirby is a great name for a robot with a suction intake! I thought of both the character and the vacuum cleaner brand when I saw this. The intake dome on the robot even resembles the front of a Kirby vacuum.

This is definitely one of the most interesting robots that I have seen so far! I got to see it working a bit at DE, but I can’t wait to see how it performs in competition. See you at Gainesville!