M'Aiken Magic and you said it COULDN'T BE DONE!



HELLOOooooo from TJ2 :smiley:
Very nice job well done. Good luck with this years bot and tell Pat a big helloooooo from old MOE team 88 TJ2. Hope you have a super year with Magic.

MOE Team 88 TJ2 OHYEAH !!! TYE DYE for ever::ouch::

Nice, very nice! That went over a whole lot better than some 4wd designs I’ve seen. Loving it! :]

I think we only kinda saw the dismount. I think it’d be interesting to see the entire thing traverse the bump.

Have you tried going over without the weight? Where is your battery placed? I’m not sure of the clearance that thing gets, but will bumpers be an issue?

It shows it going over the traversing then bump granted it is one shot over at speed but still looked to perform well so far.

woah nice… i hope our turn out that good… where did you get them?

The whole traverse was covered. Compared to some 4wd tests I’ve viewed on youtube and our testing have showed them to want to go slower over the bump because it will rock back and forth causing it to want to tip. The tank treads rolled right up and over and one smooth movement.

Looking good!

Looking good :cool:

We handmade them ourselves plastic rivits, and secret technique, it cleared the bump several times no problem. It actually did better without the weight. The battery is on the back under the electronics board.

Very Kewl.
I have one question. Where are you going to mount the bumpers? Too bad you have to cover a sweet machine with bumpers :slight_smile:

it isn’t a problem the bumpers are mounted above the treads.

We got my teams robot moving today…
we tried to go over the bump…and then I got alittle overcomfortable while driving…
I flew over the bump and did an endo lol
It recovered, but it crashed down on the ground and flung the battery and wireless router off the bot

haha, it was fun
we have 4WD