Main Battery Voltage

This year we are wondering if it is still mandatory to display the battery voltage for the robot on the dashboard. The most recent driver station updates do not include in their default projects a battery voltage monitoring system. Even if it is not mandatory how could we measure the voltage.

P.S. we are a rookie team

P.P.S. we really don’t know what we are doing

I am pretty sure that our programming team has installed all of the recent updates for both our LabView program and our Driver Station. We are still able to receive battery voltage information from the Driver Station…

On the Driver Station, is it only the battery voltage that you cannot see? Are you still able to see your Team Number at the top of your Driver Station? If you are not able to see your Team Number, the problem may be that your Driver Station isn’t properly communicating with your robot.

Ah, I apologize if I am not much help.

thank you for trying but the robot and everything is in communication there is just no spot on the dashboard for the on board battery voltage. we have the laptop voltage just not the on board voltage.

Can you post a picture of the display? The battery voltage is on the far left of the driver station software, for me.

See <R66>

If you cannot see your battery voltage from the Driver Station, you most likely do not have the jumper correctly on the analog breakout of your analog module in slot one.
There is a small PWM-style male header (without the blue plastic around it). You need a jumper on the outer two pins.

The battery voltage monitor is pretty important when troubleshooting or in competition. If you are doing some maneuver that keeps drawing the battery voltage down, it is a good bet that at some point your Crio may inhibit output or reboot altogether.

It is NOT included on the Dashboard but it is on the Driver Station.
Only the first seven (7) analog input are displayed on the Dashboard.

You do not have to display on the Dashboard, it on the Driver Station.
If it is not on your Driver Station do you see

 Volts --.--

Under your Team #xxxx

Thanks everybody I found the problem. we had disconected AI moduel 1 and were using moduel 2 i found the driver station spot where it is displayed. Thanks!