Main breaker wire dimension maximum?

Currently setting up main breaker connection to PDP. Is there a maximum length that the red (power) wire between the PDP and the main breaker can be? I didn’t see any restrictions in the rule book but I want to just double check…

This isn’t regulated (so it can be as long as you like) but longer wires add resistance and weight to your robot. I recommend trying to keep the amount of wire for your battery->breaker->PDP and battery->PDP as short as possible.

Thank you :smiley:

Please be sure to mount you breaker in an way that it can be easily seen and operated by someone who is not on your team.

R49. The 120A circuit breaker must be quickly and safely accessible from the exterior of the ROBOT. This is the only 120A circuit breaker allowed on the ROBOT.

Examples considered not “quickly and safely accessible” include breakers covered by an access panel or door, or mounted on, underneath or immediately adjacent to moving components. It is strongly recommended that the 120A circuit breaker location be clearly and obviously labeled so it can be easily found by FIELD STAFF during a MATCH.