in the main.c

while (1) /* This loop will repeat indefinitely. */
statusflag.NEW_SPI_DATA = 1;

if (statusflag.NEW_SPI_DATA)      /* 26.2ms loop area */
{                                 /* I'm slow!  I only execute every 26.2ms because */
                                  /* that's how fast the Master uP gives me data. */

  Process_Data_From_Master_uP();  /* You edit this in user_routines.c */

  if (autonomous_mode)            /* DO NOT CHANGE! */
    User_Autonomous_Code();        /* You edit this in user_routines_fast.c */

Process_Data_From_Local_IO();     /* You edit this in user_routines_fast.c */
                                  /* I'm fast!  I execute during every loop.*/

} /* while (1) */

shouldn’t it be


otherwise it will be executing Process_Data_From_Master_uP() and then User_Autonomous_Code() in auton, every loop, thus eating up a lot of processor time.

If you take a look at User_Autonomous_Code() in user_routines_fast.c, you’ll notice that there is a loop inside the funciton that the controller will not leave until autonomous is over. So no, it shouldn’t be since the program can’t return to execute Process_Data_From_Master_uP() until autonomous has ended.

It’s also worth mentioning that getdata() isn’t called (and the autonomous flag set) until Process_Data_From_Master_uP() is called. Personally, this is a bug to me. Of course, I’ve also changed that layout anyway, so it doesn’t bug me.

whoops…I missed the while loop in user_routines_fast.c…

Anyway, thanks for letting me know