Main focus of the game

Main Focus

Our team, probably like most other teams, sat right down to discuss strategy for the game. IE what our robot is going to specialize in (hatches or cargo), how we’re going to play, etc.

We have decided to focus solely on hatches, due to the fact that you need hatches to score any points at all, and bank on our alliance to place balls.

I was just curious as to what other teams decided. What are y’all thinking?

we’re going to score lots of points


Our plan is to win.


I haven’t truly thought through this yet, but I was also thinking in order of priority: Hatches, Linear Slide, Cargo, Climber.

Hatches and linear slide, again because they are required for gaining points, and we want to rush the RP as quick as possible. Then Cargo to further help get the RP, especially if there is another cargo bot on our alliance. Then a climber for the final RP. The climber is technically the simplest way to get an RP, however, it requires another robot on our team, and in districts weeks 1-3, idk how reliable a gamble that will be…

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An undetermined focus at this point there is several avenues to success. We will settle on one eventually. Many ways to go here.

Not with a team this year, but at this very early stage, I think that ground level hatches are #1, followed by ground level cargo bays or a 6+ point climber, because it makes getting that endgame RP more likely. Higher hatches and/or cargo (going for the rocket RP) are next on my personal priority list, with ramps to get all three robots to level three being the cherry on top. edit: Floor pickup of hatch covers is whipped cream.

I expect defense to be critical to play, especially at the higher levels, but given the restrictions to defense, I expect that defensive capability will be far more a function of driver skill/practice than a robot requirement.


What is a linear slide? Am I missing something important?

Despite hatches being 2 points and cargo 3, I think hatches are the more valuable object to prioritize, if that decision has to be made. We’re definitely aiming to score both objects effectively, but I don’t think that’s a necessity to meaningfully contribute to match score, even at high levels of play. I think a dedicated hatch bot may even be worthy of a first round pick at a lot of events. Karthik’s philosophy of one mechanism that works really well over several that are kinda OK comes to mind.

Another thing I think is going to be really valuable is bots that can reach HAB Level 3 un-aided. If two robots on an alliance can focus entirely on scoring with only one splitting off at the last second for a Level 1 park then you’re set for a decent match score as well as the extra ranking point. This kind of robot is less effective in playoffs as brought to my attention by @nicfouts due to the lack of a point bonus for RP objectives.

I presume they mean some sort of elevator like most teams used in Power-Up. This kind of mechanism could be used to lift hatch plates and cargo to scoring height on the rockets.

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Being able to consistently climb to level 3 nearly guarantees you a RP every game, with virtually no dependency on allies. I urge others not to sleep on such a reliable scoring opportunity.

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An interesting counter argument is that in playoffs there’s no bonus for a climb. Other than the 12 points (which is the highest single point generator), what’s the absolute draw that puts it on an alliance?

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Well, having a climber is always a nice bonus. Teams would generally like that. Apart from that, I think what you do during teleop would be what most people focus on. If you’re doing quite well placing hatches or whatnot, teams will notice. If you climb and that helps you win matches and move up in ranking, that also helps. A climber is more of a it-pulls-you-into-a-better-situation thing that makes teams want to select you. (Teams in our rough area select based on ranking alone quite a bit)

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You’re entirely correct and I withdraw my statement. I think there’s still incentive to draft a good solo climber, but that alone is not worth the pick. I think the ideal 2nd pick is one that can place hatch panels effectively and get onto the second level platform.