Main on/off breaker

What is the main on/off breaker for this year. last year it was a 60A Breaker. is it the same last year. i can’t seem to find it in the kit?

Nope this year it’s a 120 Amp breaker I belive it should have been in the red box but I’m not sure

its very different looking. it has a red button, a reset tab, and a waterproof label

mmmm, 120a breaker…think of the juice we’ve got this year!!

Lucky thing is it’ll be harder to accidentally reset these!

We will need to have that extra power for the new drill moters. Each one can use up to 40 amps. You couldn’t even run two of those at the same time on last years breaker. The robots are going to be really really powerful. The limiting factor is going to be traction. Last year we pushed up on the goal adding some of its weight to increase our traction… now i wonder what we could use this year. (i’ve got something evil planned)