Main Power Connection to Power Distribution Board

Happy kickoff all,
Upon looking at our new parts, we noticed that the main power lugs on the Power Distribution board have a rectangular shaped groove going from the edge of the board to where the main power connectors connect. They appear to be shaped to accommodate the Burundy #6 wire connectors also included in the kit. I can’t find anywhere in the manual specifically stating that you are required to use those connectors. I think it is a suggestion, not a requirement. Can anyone contradict me?

There is no restriction (via a robot rule) for the type of terminal used for the input to the PD. Terminals that are wider than 0.5" will not make good contact unless sufficient torque is applied to the hardware. KPA terminals of the type available at big box stores are too high and will not allow the installation of the PD terminal cover. Please be sure to insulate as in the past, if you use these terminals.