Main song played for the 2015 game


And every FRC event for the past 3 years

What song is that?!?


I don’t feel like they play Sandstorm as much at Californian events. Its always usually Daft Punk or some other mash-up.

I’m pretty sure that was played in an elimination match in LA…or it might just have been sounding in my head :confused:

This would be absolutely fine with 4901.

Sounds like you need to find a better DJ!

A little One Direction and some 5SoS maybe?

Don’t forget more Justin Bieber and Backstreet Boyz :wink:

That said, I could go for better music at FRC events…FRC Top 40, Cotton Eye Joe, and mediocre electronic gets old after 3 seasons :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we please please please agree as a community to never play the Cotton Eye Joe or the Cha Cha Slide ever again at a competition? Having heard them once in my life is really enough, now, I just want to rip my ears off with visegrips.

I have heard some Rush the past few competitions, which is a definite plus. 2112 makes elims feel intense without making me groan from the overplayedness.

We had a blanket ban on the standard audience-participation songs at Chezy Champs. I don’t think anyone missed them.

Sweet Caroline and YMCA

They’ve been playing Sandstorm since 2000.

What song is that?

How about this infamously recorded Hall of Fame FIRST Edition? I’d like to hear that at FiM.

Da dadadada. Da dadadada. Da da dadadadada. Da dadadada da dadadada da dada da dada da dada da dada da dada…

Dadadada da dadadada da dadadada da dadadada…

here, let me google that for you

Hmmm, I think those might be misheard lyrics. Here are the real ones.

The worst part is I actually heard the song when I read this.