Main vi.

I know that this is the framework for your robot code. But are you able to deploy it with out editing it and be able to drive your robot around

Team 3216

When you start a new FRC project in LabView select the option for “Robot Framework with Game Code”. This will give you the basic code to do Line Following in Autonomous, acquire camera image, and most importantly, it is setup to do Arcade control in Tele-op. So with a Joystick on USB 1 and motors hooked to PWM outputs one and two, you can control a robot right out of the box.

We just tried to run with it but errors just came up with the left and right motors, any ideas on how to fix it? Then how do I edit it with other vi. that have have made else where?

Can you post a screen capture of what you are trying to do?

You probably have the motors configured to the wrong PWM. Open up the begin vi and check that the “left and right motors” are set to the right PWMs.