Maintaining Motor Velocity

As many teams are thinking of shooters…
one of the problem we have seen over years is as an object goes through the shooter… say a ball or frisbee, it will slow the wheels pushing the object out down. As you push multiple objects… this becomes a consistency issue

DO any of the motor controllers support some sort of velocity compensation? Or other potential ways to solve this?

The Talon SRX and the SPARK MAX, and Talon FX can all close-loop control on given velocity.
You are right though that objects going through the shooter will slow it down. This slow down might be that significant, such that the shooter will not be able to return to its setpoint velocity before the next ball comes in (if you are shooting several balls quickly).
Although I am not a mechanics guy, AFAIK, a good solution will be using a flywheel. The flywheel will “increase the inertia” of the shooter, thus making accelerating it (including slowing down) harder. That means the amount every ball will slow down the shooter, will be lower.


As mentioned, a flywheel helps a lot.

In 2017, to maintain a high fuel output, 1986 used a five 775Pro shooter. More motors = more power. Keep in mind this can have serious drawbacks, too (current draw, for example)

Specifically, a flywheel increases the moment of inertia of the system. Two flywheels with identical mass can have different moments of inertia–the one with more of the mass farther out will have a greater moment of inertia.

Good flywheel design is about geometry as well as just plain mass…and it’s important that the thing is balanced! A wobbly flywheel is a recipe for disaster.