Major failure with brecoflex belts

Wondering if any teams using the brecoflex flex treads have had delamination issues??

We had two spots delaminate while the bot was on the school hallways. We then tested on the carpet at a practice field and had those spots turn into five inches.

ours are still good. Are those from this years Rhino Track kit from AndyMark? why are they green?

No, we deigned our own system and got the tracks from the brecoflex company. We do have backup treads and I am sending these back to be reworked

Not brecoflex specific, but most belts don’t like having their bend reversed, so if you have somewhere in your belt path that you’re reversing it, that could be a problem. Also if you’re exceeding the minimum bend radius in your belt path.

Thanks for the info but the bend radius is proper and it’s not reveresed. I talked with the company earlier and the green traction is heat welded to the treads. Brecoflex had a huge run on belts this year and I’m afraid some batches may have been hurried to get shipments out.