Major Glitch?

Does anybody knows what is going on with the Championship?

According to this a lot of teams have been removed from the championship list including my team. We signed up yesterday, where unrestricted sign-up started. I tried to re-registered but it won’t let me.

Does anybody know what the problem is?

My guess is that it is still restricting teams based on their tier system. Do you know what tier you are in or if you qualify for Nats some other way?

Yesterday, we offically signed up. It is either a major glitch or someone messed up. Yesterday was the day where anybody can register for the championship.

I think that tier 2 teams are being allowed to register, but not tier 1 teams yet. Maybe some glitch in the registration system allowed some tier 1 teams to jump in, and then FIRST realized this and manually reversed their status.

Just a guess,
Andy B.

You signed up yesterday…I understand that. But you have to qualify for Nats in one of many ways and then they use their tier system to allow teams to sign up. I previously asked you if you have already qualified in some way from last year and what tier you are in. To find out what tier you are in, you need to know when your team last attended nationals. If you attended last year, you are a tier 1 team, if you last attended in 2003, you are a tier 2 team and so on. The higher the tier you are in, the more likely you will be to attend.

Sorry if this sounds condescending, it is hard to state any other way.

How would we determine what tier we are in if we’ve never gone to nationals? 1317 was a rookie team last year, so I don’t know.

Think I had heard something about even/odd numbers or something, but if you have some light to spread…

For rookie teams, your tier is based on your rookie year. So your team would be a tier 1 team I believe, maybe tier 2. I know there is information somewhere…

Here is all the information about national qualifying straight from the FIRST website:

Prequalifying Teams -

  1. All prior Championship Chairman’s Award winners (12)
  2. Original and sustaining teams from 1992 (7)
  3. 2004 Championship “FIRST Frenzy” winners (3)
  4. 2004 Championship Engineering Inspiration Award winner (1)

Merit Based Qualifying Teams from the current season -

  1. Regional Chairman’s Award winners (1 per Regional)
  2. Regional Engineering Inspiration Award winners (1 per Regional)
  3. Regional Rookie All-Star Award winners (1 per Regional)
  4. Regional Champions (number per regional event TBD based on the 2005 game)

Open Registration in the Fall:

A selected number of Championship slots will be available for open registration. The slots will be based on the number of years since a team last attended the Championship. All teams will be classified in a Tier, i.e. Tier 6 equals six years since attending a Championship; Tier 2 equals two years since attending. Teams never attending will have their tier based on their rookie year: 2004 rookies are tier 2, 2003 rookies are tier 3, etc. If the number of teams in a tier is greater than the number of available openings, FIRST will use a lottery system to determine team eligibility for remaining open slots. The final determination will be first come/first serve until all available openings are filled. A wait list will be maintained for any openings that become available during the season.

Based on that information, your team would be in tier 2.

Here is a list of what tier each team is in.

Edit - That list shows team 121 as a tier 1 team.

Your best bet is to get an official word on what occurred is to call FIRST at 1-800-871-8326, choose option 1 which is team support and see why you were removed. While it may have been a glitch in the system it would be the smartest thing to get an official ruling from FIRST so everyone that was removed knows why.

Something is up.

We saw in TIMS that we could register, as a rookie! And we did.

However, we’re off the list now…

Oh well, we’ve got to earn our way now!!

Even/odd was used before the Tier system was implemented. Even teams could go even years, odd teams in odd years. They switched to the Tier system for 2004.

Sounds like Andy figured it out. :slight_smile:


1317 is a Tier 2 team. See the list of Teams in Each Tier.