Major help needed

We are running windows 10 and Java but have suffered a major computer issue and are unable to connect to our robot. It appears that our Driver Station software is looking for the old CRIO from years ago. We uninstalled the Driver station software but its still looking for a CRIO. I have new students and am only possess a basic grasp of computers and software. Any suggestions?

Make sure you set the protocol to 2015

Other than that, screenshots / full DS output would be helpful to diagnose the issue

Thanks Eric. We are on 2015 and have 4 hours of unbag time left but want to maximize our efficiency once we unbag. The software was working for us before EOB. Evidently the computer was used to revive our old practice robot that was operating with the CRIO. I’m not sure what occurred while our computer was plugged into the CRIO but the driver station software is now looking for the CRIO rather than the Roborio.

our computer is acting weird so excuse us for somethings. First off, it won’t allow us to post pictures. We’re working on that, but we’re going to need to describe in words for the time being. Our logs continue to say we are connecting to a CRio, even after changing the DS protocol to 2015. Any further steps needed? we’ll provide pictures ASAP

There are some places where they call the RoboRIO the cRIO. Are you sure that there is a problem or could it just be some mislabeled code? For example with the 2017 update suite the RoboRIO firmware is inside a cRIO folder.

I cant say I’m sure. weve deleted and reloaded software (driver station and Eclipse) in response to this problem. Everything was working at EOB but we used the same computer to revive an old practice bot that was using LabVIEW and the CRIO. Our 2017 bot is migrated to Java and the Roborio. We discovered the problem after we unbagged for competition prep yesterday. The Roborio seems fine but we have no robot communications, Eclipse wont open, cant open up any of our Java files.

The nature of “this problem” is unclear. The original description was just “unable to connect to our robot”, but now you’re saying you are also unable to open your programming tools? If you can’t post screen shots, please at least give us detailed descriptions (ideally copied and pasted) of what it is telling you.

What happens when you try to run Eclipse?
What happens when you try to open one of your Java files?

It’s really hard to help you if we don’t know exactly what you are doing and exactly how the computer is responding.

Then use the low-tech solution of taking a picture of the screen with another device. Or at least copy and paste what’s in the log section. Anything would help us figure out what’s going on