Major Robot Controller problems

We had everything working great… and then… the robot went into PROGRAM mode and its not coming out of it. Most of the time it says “ROBOT CONTROLLER COULD NOT BE FOUND…” in IFI Loader. The Master Code 12 did download though. It was very random. That did not help though, it is still stuck in PROGRAM mode.

Here are the things we have done: Switched computers, switched cables, MASTER RESET, tried to download different code versions.

Yes, we do have the latest version of IFI Loader.

Yes, I have left a voice mail for IFI but until they get back we are in big trouble.

Yes, I am begging for help.

Anything you all can think of?

I am…worn… out… tired :frowning:

Someone please help


I think I had this for a time or two then I hit the program button and held it and let go, reset and all went well.


We had thew same problem and found it only happened when we had a radio connection with the OI. When we unplugged the OI and reset it it got out of Program mode. Hope that helps.

We had the same problem last night - thanks for the workaround.