Major test prep (SAT, ACT, Subject)

I think i shouldve made this thread way before but… fwiw, HOW do you write that darn essay?

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Use that pencil

:man_facepalming: not what i meant but it’s a great reminder.

More like, how do you realize barely any schools actually look at that. Focus a lot on subject test if you are going into an engineering major. If you are just looking for a base knowledge of the essay tho, watch this video. I watched that on 2 times speed on the line to check into the sat bc just I remembered I signed up for the essay. I got a 16 (not a great score), but I literally never even sent that to any school. Idk about some of the elite schools, but I don’t even remember Georgia Tech asking for it.


“Subject tests are a lot harder” thats what i heard.

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They are, the math level 2 subject test is harder then the standard sat math section, and same for the remaining subjects. But they are very useful for a lot of good colleges and programs (and even required for some programs. For example, the program I’m in right now required 2 or more subject tests, with a good score).


If you’re willing to look at the ACT, I have this essay thing where you memorize and just fill in the blanks to match the prompt, guaranteed 10 on the essay (11 and 12 is really for those exceptional writers)

I don’t think I know anyone who took the essay and did well, but I also don’t think that many colleges look at it so I wouldn’t stress too much. If you’re a decent essay writer in general you should be fine. The prompts mainly ask about style analysis.

I got an 11 out of 12 on an SAT essay by using three really well fleshed out examples from history to back up my point. Practice writing cohesively on that time frame helps, but the SAT is a dumb test that doesn’t matter much in the game and scheme of life so don’t go crazy.

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I dont want to get involved into politics, but. Isn’t all these extra stuff for the $$$? Like seriously? You, a nonprofit organization is going to make me take a dumb test that costs $80.

I wish i could write well

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How to score really well on the SAT essay:

  1. Use big long words, semi-correctly.
  2. Use as many words as you can to convey the concept.
  3. If you haven’t filled up 3/4 of your available writing area before starting your conclusion, add another paragraph or lengthen your conclusion.

I’ve heard way too many stories of the SAT essay being graded just about solely on length, rather than how well it’s written. Engineers, in general, like concise–short, to the point, clear. SAT graders dock you for that.


Does anyone have any good resources for prepping for the subject tests? I plan on taking the physics and math level 2 exams, but I’m struggling to find good resources for practice.

This sentiment among engineers concerns me. You may be good at math, science, whatever. If you cannot convey your ideas clearly, there’s an issue. I do agree with many here that the essays on standardized tests are not graded completely fairly. If you write a really good essay, though, you will do well even if you don’t have the longest one or use the biggest words. If you write the longest essay, you can’t guarantee yourself a good score.

General advice for anyone but especially engineers: If you can write well and still do not score well on standardized testing essays, don’t sweat it. If you are not scoring well, though, because your writing is not excellent, work on improving your writing capabilities.


I filled it up all the way got the passing score for the UC’s

Two words: Kahn Academy.

Don’t waste your time paying thousands of dollars when you can get it for free.

Disclaimer: My SAT essay scores were god-awful (although my multiple-choice scores were good).


Just keep on taking practice tests and at least for Math, Barron’s is really good and should be all you need.

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English teacher here.

  1. It’s better to use accurate words than semi-correct words. The example that I give is the use of the word “pretty.” Synonyms include “cute” and “sexy,” but you wouldn’t call a lamborghini “cute” and you wouldn’t call a little girl “sexy.” Neither would be appropriate. Pay attention to nuances, and you should get a better score.

As for you 2&3: Add as much detail to your writing as you are able, but don’t keep repeating the same ideas. Adding more paragraphs or lengthening other paragraphs is a great idea, as long as it is adds substance.

To go along with your point about what engineers like: Yes, Engineers like concise and clear communication, but they also like detailed directions. Think about your writing as instructions: providing more detail, while keeping your fluidity, will make for a better essay and better score.