Major Vault Discrepancies at Official Week 0

I apologize if this topic has been brought up before and I have missed it, mods have my permission to delete this thread if that is the case.

I’m just starting to review FIRST’s API data from the official week 0 competition, and I have found several worrying discrepancies between the published API results for the vault, the vault section of the livestream overlay/audience display, and what appears to happen in match videos. I noticed these discrepancies in all 4 of the matches which I reviewed, which means this was likely a problem for all of the official week 0 competition. Here are the discrepancies I noticed:
Finals 1:
Red boost flashes on and off on the livestream overlay between t=14 and t=12 seconds left in the match. Likely a minor sensor issue.
Red boost is activated at t=4 seconds remaining in the match even though no cubes are shown to be in the boost section of red’s vault according to the livestream overlay. This behavior is contradictory to my understanding of section 4.3 of the game manual.
API results do not align with apparent match results.

Finals 2:
Livestream overlay appears to be in error for most or all of the match. Cubes are shown to be in the vault right at the start of the match and remain that way.
API results for the vault do not align with apparent match results.

Finals 3:
API results for the vault do not align with apparent match results.

Quals 5:
API results for the vault do not align with apparent match results.

If there is a common root cause I haven’t identified it yet. I’ll watch all the matches in a day or two to hone in on the problem if no one else does. I should note that I am getting match breakdowns from TBA and not directly from FIRST’s API.

I noticed Levitate on RED at beginning of a match (3)
Also noticed other scoring inconsistencies as you stated some of it human (expected) some on the switch (not expected)

Hope they tighten down the scoring, also the lights on the scale went out
I have a feeling week 1 will bear out more inconsistencies and again have a late week 1 update to better week 2
The problem is with sensor scoring, no challenge unless a field fault.

Week 0 was only 16 quals , I can imagine an 80-90 qual match regional presenting unique issues to the field scoring.
I think the scale scoring apparatus will be this years bent peg or lose defenses weak spot, based on week 0.

I also saw major flaws in week zero matches I don’t know if the teams just wanted try scale and switch more than exchange, since its on the floor its kind of easy right?, so that’s what I think that happend I sincerely don’t know. I don’t think they really put much strategy in matches and wanted to just see how the game was played.

I quickly ran through all the week 0 matches, here were the discrepancies I noticed.

API results do not align with apparent match results: This occurred in around half of the matches. The most obvious examples of errors are some matches like Finals 3 in which an alliance only uses two cubes for levitate according to the API, but still somehow plays the levitate power up.

Livestream overlay displays a cube in the vault when no cube is there: This is likely due to sensor failure or human players placing and removing a cube. This can be seen in Finals 1 (t=14 to t=12 seconds remaining), Quals 9 (t=35 to t=13 seconds remaining), QF 3-1 (t=19 to t=15 seconds remaining),

Overlay displays cubes in the vault at the start of the match: This can be seen in Quals 2-3, Quals 12, QF 2-2, QF 2-3, QF 3-2, QF 4-2, SF 1-2, Finals 2. These errors are sometimes corrected later in the match, and sometimes not.

Power-Ups activated when no cubes are in the appropriate section of the vault according to the overlay:
QF 3-2 (t=15 seconds remaining), Finals 1 (t=4 seconds remaining)

I don’t see any particular pattern to these errors, perhaps someone else can find one. There seems to be multiple unique errors happening simultaneously. I will not be including any vault results in my scouting database or event simulator until I see proof that these issues have been fixed.

Good luck to teams competing in week 1. My advice would be to place no trust in the vault display on the audience view, be careful not to waste your power-up when you have no cubes in the vault, and to double check your vault score at the end of each match to make sure you always are awarded your points from cubes in the vault.

I hypothesize that some of this was due to teams putting cubes right side up and the optical sensors not sensing the black logo reliably. If the API, field display, and game logic that triggers powerups all sample the cube count at different times, that could explain the discrepancy you observed.

Has anyone noticed any problems with the vault scoring so far in week 1? I skimmed through a dozen or so matches at various events looking for the issues described above and didn’t find any. Although I noticed way too many HPs forgetting to activate their power-ups or pressing the button too early…

I did notice several camera views showing HPs smacking buttons on the vault multiple times to trigger the power up.