Make a copy of software

With the discs, after we activate the software, are we able to copy the install to a hard drive?

Which software are you talking about?


i guess the competition software. its a 2 disc set.

Just run the install program. It will take a while. There is no need to copy the disks to your computer. The installation program handles that for you.

After installation, then you will be given the opportunity to activate the software. You will have a one-year license to use LabView and WindRiver. Please respect the generosity of NI and WPI in providing these tools to us.

Search the How-to threads here on CD and FIRST’s websites for the directions.

Just remember to follow the software installation guide on in the control system manual, and remember to do all of the updates!!

Where do I get the software updates?

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Everything you want about the control system can be found here:

Bookmark it =)

well i think what we want to know is if we can actually activate this on two computers?

Yes, for FRC use you are licensed to install it on multiple computers.