Make a PDF

I use a small piece of software called PDFCreator that lets me print a file to a “printer” that converts the file into a PDF. It preserves things like text and links that can be copied or clicked on, just as in any other PDF.

I wanted to post this because some people may want to make PDF versions of documents that look nice for distribution to sponsors and school administrators, uploading as a whitepaper, or posting on websites. My team used PDFCreator for a distributable version of our Chairman’s essay.

Sometimes image quality doesn’t look great in the PDF from this software; other times it’s ok. I really don’t know anything about using professional software to make a PDF. This is just something I happened to find a year or two ago. I know there’s other free software out there that does this–if you use anything good, post it here.

If the document is in Microsoft Word format, then there is a toolbar which has the option of converting the document to pdf format. In my use, it has so far provided good results.

There is an add-on that you can download (less then 1 MB) off of Microsoft web page that allows you to save as a PDF file in Office 2007. They made it quick and easy.

Hmm…another reason to consider getting Office 2007. I still have 2003.

On the mac side, you can go to the print window>PDF>Save as PDF.

uhhh…yeah…I recently upgraded to 2000 from 97!

You can also just use Google Aps - it imports Word documents and gives the option of saving in PDF. Plus it is free.

You can also use OpenOffice, as that’s been able to export right to PDF for years now. I used it as my primary office productivity software on my laptop, as it does the same thing as MS Office all for free. :wink:

I use ExpressPDF. Upload a word document or excel sheet to the website and it will email you the pdf a minute later – for free! I have it sent to my gmail account, so it gets automatically backed up as well.

Do any of these support converting Microsoft Publisher files?

Just created a quick calendar in Publisher 2007 and was able to save it as a PDF. Quality looks great

It is also nice to know there is a website that can convert word and excel to PDF for when I’m not on my computer.

I use publisher to create out team’s documents, but I’m the only person with publisher, so I started using the pdf converter. I was wondering if there was any open source (or free) publisher substitute?


I use a freeware program called PDF Redirect for creation of pdfs from various types of files; Word, Powerpoint, Excel, even pictures. (I don’t have the link but I’m sure you can find it easily). The feature I particularly like is the ability to concatenate different files into one pdf file. You can also encrypt the files.