Okay, this is something I found out about a while back from another forum I used to be a member of. Pretty much, you make a wish, then the next person to post “grants” your wish, but twists the results so that it’s basically messed up and demented. For example:

P1: I wish I had a million dollars.
P2: Okay, but on your way to deposit it, Russian ninjas attack you, slit your throat, steal the money, and throw your body in the ocean. I wish I could go to Japan.

And so on and so forth. It gets pretty amusing after a while. Okay, I’ll start.

I wish people would shut up about Anna Nicole Smith.

And when they do, they will just start talking about some other famous person and that person will get to popular and they would have been born with powers to control peoples minds and then they would start to take over everything and then you would wish they woulda just kept taklking about her.

I wish going to the movies didnt cost so much.

Movies are really cheap when you stay at home and watch videos of yourself taking a bath when you were 1 1/2 years old.

I wish I was two inches taller.

But that’d raise your center of gravity–and surely you’ve seen what happens with high centers of gravity by now.

I wish our arm had a fully-tuned PID loop and worked smooth as butter by now.

Granted, but then your drive train and any other mechanical parts crap out with a little more than a week until the ship date and you guys are unable to fix them in time:ahh:

I wish my mentor would give me some spray paint so I can make our bot look all fancy shmancy.

And you get that spraypaint, but your school has you arrested for vandalizing school property.

I wish the Cleveland Indians would win the World Series.

But then the browns feel useless from not having a winning season. (oh wait that happens every year… )

I wish i could make $35/hr with an entry level career next year.

okay but then when you enter you job, they will suddenly decide to close, then you will have no job.

i wish i could get more sleep

Ok, but by doing so you miss all your robotics meetings, and as a result, your robot isn’t built on time.

I wish the snow wasn’t cancelling my robotics meetings.

Then all the snow would build up in the sky until it all dumps down on your robot when you take it outside after build season. :ahh:

I wish there were more things to do in my town. (You have to go out of town to buy clothes and basic computer components)

The surrounding towns will get mad because they are losing all of their business to your town and they will riot with pitchforks and torches and OI’s to take over your robot and re-program it so you won’t be able to compete in the competitions.

I wish that it would rain crazy flying green monkeys.

but if it rained crazy flying green monkeys then all the crazy flying pink monkeys would be lonely!

I wish I had a pet penguin :slight_smile:

Granted… but it has rabies… and fangs… BIG fangs…

I wish I didn’t have to go to school tommorrow (Friday) and just skip to the team meeting.

But the school budget is used up plowing all the snow and since they see the robotics team isn’t capable of building a functional robot (due to all the missed meetings) they cancel the program to save money.

I want to design a feature lenght animated movie that is Oscar worthy.

Oskar worthy will not allow this to happen. (I don’t actualy know who that is:) .)

          I wish that I am able to build and rule my own empire of robots!:D

but every good empire falls eventually…

i wish I could program

, but my programming skills formated my hard drive…

I wish I had a submarine…

You have a submarine, and your friends are all aboard, many more of them live next door. Unfortunately, that means they all inhale salt water audibly.

I wish I had a pool table.

Granted, but the billiards and cue sticks are sold separately.

I wish I had 6 more weeks to learn how to drive our robot.

You get six more weeks, but you are in a horrible accident and experience extensive brain damage. As of tommorrow, you are a vegetable.

I wish they made iPod nano’s in the color orange.