Make all command

Hy all,

Me again…

I’ve got the Borland compiler up and ready ( did the hello World thingy ) :slight_smile:

I have a couple of files that need to be put together some how by the “make all” command.

But when i use that in the directory with the files that need to be together it gives the following:

MAKE Version 5.2 Copyright © 1987, 2000 Borland
gcc -O -g ticker.o score.o update.o core_sql.o helper.o battle.o cleanup
.o logging.o -o ticker -lmysqlclient -lcrypt -lz
gcc wordt niet herkend als een interne
of externe opdracht, programma of batchbestand.

** error 1 ** deleting ticker

Does anyone know why this goes wrong ?
it says gcc is not recognized as an intern or external program or batchfile…

pls help

Greetzz pMzQ,


Groetjes uit America! Dit is niet echt en forum voor C, maar voor en robot competitie, FIRST.

I’m slightly confused as to why it says bcc (I believe that the Borland compiler is called bcc), but regardless, ensure that the path to the Borland bin directory is in your PATH environment variable.

Typically the compiler installs to C:\Borland\bin, I think. Been a while since I used it.