Make FRC History: WVROX

The first FRC Endurance event will take place August 1-2, 2014, West Virginia RObotics eXtreme is a 26 hour, 14 minute off-season event featuring continuous Qualification rounds . WVROX takes place in the city home to West Virginia University, Morgantown, and will be hosted in the University’s Student Recreation Center by FRC Team 2614 - Mountaineer Area RoboticS (MARS).

This will be a continuous, high octane event! **You will get tired! **

Each registered team (up to 40 of them, minimum of 24) will play at least 20 matches in just over a day. For most teams, that is more matches than a team experiences in the average season. Expect a modified format for the Eliminations Rounds.

Like an endurance race team, teams must plan ahead and plan well. This event will require an entire TEAM to work together to compete well. Teams will be required to have multiple drive teams and multiple robot repair teams that alternate throughout the event.

There will be quiet areas for sleeping and for washing up. Please bring a sleeping bag. Local hotel blocks have been reserved for team members, coaches, mentors, and volunteers who want to reserve a hotel room for resting.

Along with Qualification Matches, there will also be some exhibition matches. These exhibition matches might include:

  • Flashlight Matches!
    [INDENT]Lights will very dim to very dark and the field will only be illuminated by human players with flashlights, field lights, and by very bright robots with LEDs![/INDENT]
  • Robo-Tug-o-War
    [INDENT]Alliances of robots will tie themselves together and try to pull the other alliance past the center line[/INDENT]
  • Robot Drag Races
    [INDENT]The name pretty much explains it all. Another area of the facility will host drag races where robots will race against each other for awards![/INDENT]
  • Human game
    [INDENT]Humans play the game as the GDC designed it (safely of course). Humans take the field and score points for their alliance![/INDENT]
  • and More to Come! If you have a suggestion post it below!
    We will take a look at them and update this list to confirm them.

Don’t think there will only be FRC matches going on, there are plenty of things to do during the entire event:

  • The pool in the Rec Center will be available at times throughout the event.
  • Rock Wall Climbing (when guides are available)
  • Movies
  • Tours of the WVU campus, particularly the Engineering Complex
  • More details to come as we finalize them, check back!

Thanks to the WVU Catering, food WILL BE PROVIDED to all Students, Mentors, Coaches and Parents.

Team Registration is $100 dollars, go here to find the registration form.
The registration fee must be received no later than June 15, 2014.

Once the form is filled out and submitted, more team registration info will be sent to the email address provided in the form where the team lead mentor can finish registration and submit the registration fee.

We need LOTS of volunteers. Rest assured, you will not be expected to help the entire event. Quiet hospitality rooms for resting and sleeping will be provided to volunteers and judges. Volunteers register the same way team members do, by using the link above and selecting volunteer. Volunteers should also bring sleeping bags if they wish to sleep in the quiet rooms.

Directions to WVU Student Rec Center can be found here:

Tentative Timeline for the WVROX Event:

  • Field setup will be July 31 in the afternoon/evening. Come by and help if you are in the area
  • Onsite registration will begin at 8am Friday August 1st
  • Practice matches from 9:30 to 11:30
  • Opening ceremonies at 11:30 to 12:00PM (Noon).
  • Then the extravaganza begins!
  • Event ends 2:14pm on August 2nd.

Register and help make FRC History!

Will your robot make it through?

Any questions or if you need some more information on something, don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected] or send me a private message.

This thread will be continuously updated, be sure to subscribe to it to receive all the updates. Important Event updates will be sent to email addresses associated with registered persons.

This sounds insane! It’s a long way, but I’m going to look into getting our team to do it.

This sounds like a ton of fun.

My thoughts exactly

A fun idea for a challenge might be an obstacle course of the field challenges from previous games, the bridges of 2012, Regolith of 2009, dividers of 2010 etc.

This sounds EPIC! If only my team wasn’t soo far away. but a few things to consider:

  1. 4 member alliances for elims. (I see a lot of breaking robots)
  2. a potential “filler line” for qualification matches (teams would not get qual points but its better than playing 2v3)
  3. A community scouting system. yes teams can use there own but it might be a good idea to encourage teams to pick 1 system and split the work up.
  4. Mentor matches! I doubt you will see Jim Zondag vs Adam Freeman here but it could be interesting to play the finals matches with student and then mentor drivers.

Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a while… Now to convince the coach to go :rolleyes:

If only we weren’t so far away. This sounds incredibly fun!

Yessssssssss. Much excite.

You could also try matches with on board cameras only the drivers cannot look at the field or robot.

I wonder if someone could set something similar up in the northwest… would love to participate!

gonna see if we can go.

Wow, I wish something like this existed when I was on a team!

At the same time, having tired people working on robots is not the safest thing imaginable. Hopefully everyone there realizes this, and you have ways to manage that if necessary.

This could be pretty intense.

there should be a game where you drive another teams robot

As someone that’s always wanted to see a humans vs. robots match, this sounds like the place to make that happen.

Because that is safe…

This honestly sounds like the robotics version of a Tough Mudder.

I love this idea.

Sounds fun…Now to convince the student council…

This is awesome. Suggestions for fun activities:

  1. Ultimate Offense: 6 balls per alliance. Shoot like there is no tomorrow.
  2. Home-run Derby: Who can score from furthest away? 3 outs. If you miss, you lose one “out”.

I VOLUNTEER!!! cough…i mean…is there information available about how people can volunteer to help out at this event?