MAKE Magazine & FIRST Fundraising Opportunity

Hi everyone,

This past weekend at the NYC regional, I had a nice conversation with Phil Torrone, senior editor of MAKE Magazine, who has attended the regional for the past few years and always posts great pictures of his time there. He is a big FIRST supporter and is always looking for ways to connect his magazine’s readership with FIRST teams.

He was very excited to share a new fund-raising program that could go a long way towards making this relationship grow. Details can be found at:

The basic idea is that teams receive a 50% share in any subscription to the magazine they sell. The top seller on a team receives a $50 gift card to the magazine’s online store, Maker SHED.

I have always been very impressed with the content of the magazine - it is filled with projects, articles on hardware hacking, design, robotics, and interview with people doing innovative things in art, science, engineering and technology. The magazine is the print version of the blog of the same name, located at

This has the potential to raise some money for your team, as well as spread awareness of an excellent resource that might inspire you to try a few new things in your spare time.

Good luck to all teams in Week 3!


This is awesome stuff! I subscribe to Make (it’s the only dead-tree magazine I read cover to cover), and it’s always got something interesting to geeks of all inclinations. If you hang around geeks with any frequency, it should be a reasonably easy sell.

I subscribe to MAKE, and the magazine and the products they put out in the MAKER Shed are great stuff. This sounds like an awesome way for teams to fundraise some extra money.

Great magazine. Of course, I am biased, as I’ve written a few product reviews for them.

Seriously - try writing one for them and see if they publish it. If they do, they will pay you for writing. PLUS you get to see what you wrote published.

I spoke to them too, and they stressed that they want to start this as a PILOT program. Right now they’re looking for 3-5 teams to BETA TEST, before they make a decision about supporting ALL FIRST teams.

Now, this is not to stress you NOT to apply or fill out the paperwork, just don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear back right away, or if you aren’t selected.

It’s just a heads up. =)

If some team does this, send me a link. I’ll buy one. I have been looking for a good excuse to subscribe to this magazine.

Hey all

I was talking with Make Magazine today about the upcoming Maker’s Faire and the subject of the fundraising came up. You guys should take a serious look at it as selling 200 subscriptions can make your team $3400. I know its work, but its good money and I subscribe :slight_smile:

I went and check the link after the talk and it was broke, they have since fixed, here it is again…

Good Luck…

This is great. My boss sends me his MAKE every week (lol along with NASA tech thingy, wired, and robot) and I absolutely love it. I’m definitely looking into this.

If any team does get this sponsorship offer please send me a note, I might get a copy