Make magazine

There is a new magazine out from O’Reilly media called MAKE. It is full of cool hacks and do it yourself building projects. I strongly suggest subscribing to it.

That’s really cool; they’ve even got articles on things like how Lego bricks are made (any FLL people around?).

Make rules!

They have a great blog that they maintain and update almost daily that i’ve been reading for awhile now! Full of great links and great websites, definately a must read for anybody into DIY, hardware hacking, or fun projects!

You always find the coolest things jtosh…

Look in next month’s, there will be an article that a few of you will like :smiley:

Can’t seem to find that one. Got a direct link?

They sent me a thing about their magizine, but it was too much for me to subscribe to. So I trashed the postcard. It did look interesting but just not for the money for me.

Volume One:

Volume Two:

I have not seen them, but I saw them on Think Geek a while back, maybe some day I will get them.

$12 each


Found new copies on for $10.19 each.

you think they’d give the school a discount on ordering it?

It’s not really a magazine but more a book. That’s the reason why the subscription cost is so high.

Sounds like a good read…I’ll be on the lookout.

Has anyone posted a link to the interview with Dean?


Thats interesting, when I searched this did not show up. I guess I will have to work on my searching skills.