[Make sure you update] Required NI Update Suite (2019.2.0) released

Per Team Update 14:

A required NI Update Suite (2019.2.0) with a new roboRIO image (FRC_roboRIO_2019_v14) has been released. This image fixes a bug where robots randomly enter the Watchdog Not Fed state (disabling outputs) for ~2.5s when they should be enabled. To use this image, C++\Java teams must have the previously released 2019.3.2 update installed.

Please let us know if you have troubles with it.


I find it interesting they release this at the exact period nobody is allowed to image their roboRios


The release time does suck, but the roboRIO doesn’t need to be in the bag. You can image it to your hearts content if you didn’t bag it.

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wait…where does it say the roborio doesn’t need to be in the bag?

COTS product

Some teams use their 30 lb withholding to hold back their entire control system.


Dangit Mark, sniped!

R17. All ROBOT elements (including items intended for use during the competition in alternative
configurations of the ROBOT), with the exception of the WITHHOLDING ALLOWANCE per R23,
exceptions listed in R15, and COTS items, must be bagged and sealed, by 04:59 UTC on Stop
Build Day, Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

The roboRIO is a COTS item.

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Our robot is out of the bag right now for a demo, so I assume it’s too late to pull the RIO off to image it before competition.

Yea, I wouldn’t do anything to the robot right now.
The update can wait.

You’ll want to have the Update Suite installed on any programming/driving laptops you have before you get to your competition (you don’t want to be trying to download it there along with everyone else that forgot). The imaging process on the roboRIO takes a couple of minutes from any laptop that has the Update Suite on it. After imaging, push your production code back onto it (it will be removed by the image) and also make sure that the Phoenix Tuner is also installed still and if not, get that installed as well so that any CAN devices you have are good to go.

Our driver won’t let me install it because he thinks it is illegal to install the newest update suite

Its illegal not to. If you don’t update, you will not be able to compete. Getting your inspection sticker requires having image 14 and this update.

thought so. I installed it anyway. (actuallyu it’s still downloading)

I’m thinking of installing the update suite on one computer, putting a copy of the roboRIO image on a USB, then shuffling that across to teams at our events so they can reimage quickly.

Everyone should do this too so that everyone can get inspected quickly!


Is it illegal to unbag the robot, withhold some stuff, and then re-bag it?

The thing is, like Thad said in the Team Update 14 thread, you need not just the NI Update Suite 2019.2.0 (has the roboRIO 14 image in it as well as the DS being updated), but if you are programming in Java/C++ you also need WPILib 2019.3.2 in order to even get your code onto the roboRIO. CSAs and the FTA should have all of the installers on flash drives at the event, but anyone that does this NOW will have a much smoother time.

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The rules haven’t made the DS update mandatory.

Yeah. Currently @JamieSinn’s popular CSA USB Tool doesn’t extract the roboRIO image from the NI update suite installer though, so that will have to be a manual step for any of us CSAs using it.

Very much agreed. But there will always be those teams that never read/actioned the TU (many teams would also have their roboRIO in the bag).

That would be illegal.
The only exemption for opening the bag is for display purposes.
No work can be done on the robot, and I’d include disassembling any part of the robot as work, as well as any software updating to components in the bag.

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Either it’s getting hammered by people or there’s a weird error going on, because none of my students can download the update

It’s being hammered. I tried to download it and it was super slow, and then i realized my download speed was 0 B/s. maybe just the wifi.

Yea, I had to keep continuing the download, but it eventually worked it’s way through it.