Make your own huge whiteboard

In need of an 8’ x 4’ whiteboard for under $15?

Step 1) Buy showerboard or tileboard from your favorite building supply store. (Its 3 to 5 mm thick, one side is particle board, the other is smooth polished white)
2) Clean it, then buff with pledge a couple times. Remove the excess. It will probably be slippery, but that’s just how pledge is. I’ve heard but not tested that scotchgard works better.
3) Hang it up with screws. You might want to glue it to something more rigid to help keep it flat.

Congratulations, you just saved $300. We did this on Saturday, now the software room has a 16 ft. wide by 4 ft. tall white board. Its glorious.

It won’t be quite as nice as a real whiteboard, but the cost/benefit is fantastic. I have also read that red or orange markers will stain if left for a long time, but we just started using it so I can’t say for sure. If erasing ever becomes difficult, just buff it again with pledge. You can clean it with windex if it gets dirty.

Pictures will be up as soon as my friend, Nick, uploads them.