Hello fellow FIRST teams! How many FRC Teams are there in the world? Over 3,000! How many students make up those teams? Over 75,000!
Our challenge: To Make It Loud…spread the importance of STEM to every inch of the globe!

How can we do this? Social media! Most teams have a presence on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram; why don’t we start making it loud by “liking” or “following” each team through these outlets? If each team follows the next and all the team members follow other teams we are Making It Loud very quickly and showing up on new pages of friends and family all over the globe!!!

FRC Team 4063 challenges

  •     each FIRST Team (at every level) to seek out and follow fellow FIRST teams
  •     each FIRST team member to seek out and follow other FIRST teams
  •     invite friends/families to seek out and follow FIRST teams

So come on, let’s #makeitloud here and now!!!

Mr. B.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/team4063<http://www.facebook.com/team4063>
Twitter: twitter.com/team4063<http://twitter.com/team4063>
Instagram: frcteam4063

Don’t forget about Tumblr! There is a great FRC community there that would love more teams.
Come join us and #makeitloud everywhere!

Reddit has an awesome FRC community!