Making a case for the human interface?

When our robot finally ships, our team (1872) is planning on making a custom casing for our joysticks and such.

And my burning question is, are other teams doing the same thing?
I am taking a really classic approach to this, and I believe it’s going to be an eye-popper. 3 guesses to what it is. :smiley:

yeah . . . :eek:

Team 1065 is doing out first “case” type…uh thing this year. I saw quite a few teams at the 2006 Florida Regional with a nice set up for their controls. Also, you may want to check out CD-Media for some images of what teams have done in the past.

What about Team Update 9?

Section 4 – Robot Transportation, Rev C has been modified to include the following changes:

Section 4.3.4 has been updated to state that:
NEW: Required Crate Contents
Teams must include:[ul]
[li]the Robot[/li][li]the Operator Console[LIST][/li][li]See Section 8 for definition of Operator Console[/ul][ul][/li][li]If you use a computer as part of the Console, you do not have to ship the computer, but may not continue to program your dashboard.[/ul] [/li][li]the two (2) Kit of Parts 12VDC batteries[/LIST][/li]> When our robot finally ships, our team (1872) is planning on making a custom casing for our joysticks and such.

Doesn’t this mean you must finish it by shipdate?


Team 294 has done custom control boards for several years. Last year we had a long wooden box with a handle that was similar to a briefcase. This year we slimmed it down and it looks great.

Yes, it does. This has been the case since the very beginning (see <R11>), but they have now also updated another section of the manual to clarify. Kapao69x5, whatever you build for your controls has to go in the crate with your robot.

Does the case have to fit the same requirements as the COTS for the robot where if you use or modify and existing case that the case must be an off the shelf buy in part?

I would like to modify a case from an existing product but its case is not something that anyone could just order off the shelf?

Does this rule only apply to the robot or does it also apply to the operator’s console?

Please advise


We are going to make a frame for ours but besides that, it goes in the crate and we hope for the best.


We planned on doing this “case” isea at the beginning of the year, but looking at what we have on our board, we thought it would be easier to just make a board for it. We were going to put it inside a briefcase and such. I want to see how someone does theirs because we had a very nice idea.

Woah I better get started, thanks for the replies.

Team 1872’s controller design…

the classic, the only, NES controller!