Making a competition equivalent Hanger

The team plans for the hanger seem to have the hanger touching the black pipe directly so the balance would depend on the friction between the pipe and wood. The actual game part plans (page 71) shows the IGLIDE M250 FLANGE BEARING made by Igus. Could not tell but are there two of these on each point of contact so 6 per hanger so that only these flange bearings are touching the black pipe? For a wood version, these look like they could be “press fit” with the help of some kind of “collar” to hold them in place.

I agree that the team version being “tippier” than the real thing is important, so there’s no false sense of security.

I’m not sold that the bearings are necessary. I’m figuring that the iglide bearing against powder coated steel will be more friction than (laser cut sanded birch) plywood against galvanized pipe, and I am using a galvanized pipe for my crossbar instead of black. So no bearings for us yet.

(On the similar subject it’s worth making sure the crossbar that the team hangs from is Aluminum tube, or at least Galvanized - both will be much more slippery than black pipe)

Might that depend on the material used on the hook? What if you used an aluminum hook? What is Mu for aluminum on aluminum? compared to Mu for aluminum on steel? or zinc?

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