Making a Custom Dashboard For Java

I was wondering how (if it’s possible) to use a custom dashboard - the one created in Labview which you copy under the C:\Program Files\FRC Dashboard directory and run under default (is any of this wrong?) - while using java. We have some variables in Java (things like ultrasonic sensor output) that we want to use with the default dashboard (because its enhanced UI over the Java SmartDashboard). How can we link these variables to sliders or other UI elements on the default dashboard? Is is as simple as using the putString/putData method or is it more complicated?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Still wondering how I would be able to do this :confused:

Try using smart dashboard sfx, it gives you a lot more options on customizing your dashboard

Sure! The SmartDashboard calls are language compatible (though note that Test mode is not). In your robot code use SmartDashboard.putBool or putNumber or whatever is appropriate.

Then in LabVIEW create a new Dashboard project from the template and add the indicators or controls to the Operation tab with the same name as the key name you used on the robot. Alternately, put them on whatever tab you like and use the SmartDashboard VIs from the palette to read data and output it to indicators or to write data from controls.

Ruffles: how is test mode not compatible?

They use different NetworkTables naming. There’s no reason that someone couldn’t make a LabVIEW dashboard control a Java/C++ robot in test mode, just that the default LabVIEW dashboard won’t (and vice versa).

Joe: thanks. didn’t understand it was a cross-language incompatibility…