Making a custom Dashboard with two camera feeds?

I want to make a custom FRC Dashboard in LabView with two camera feeds instead of one. For some reason I cannot find the project template for it in Labview, and the getting started window doesn’t have anything pertaining to dashboards at all. Is there a download for the VI template for making FRC dashboards? Or could someone upload the type of dashboard I’m talking about? It is rather frustrating, and I’m fairly sure I did “install everything” in the labview install we got in the KOP.

Did you also install the LabVIEW update? Full instructions for installing everything you need are here:

Thanks, that’s probably it. Downloaded from:

Is it possible given the bandwidth constraints to have two camera feeds? Is there any rule that would interfere with having two cameras?

If you keep it at 320x240 and turn down the fps/turn up the compression, it’s quite possible.

If you’re just looking at having two camera feeds on the dashboard, without doing any processing with the images on the robot, then you shouldn’t have to write (draw?) any LabView stuff on the robot to get the cameras to show up. They’re just network cameras, assuming you’re using an axis camera.

If you only ever need to view a single camera at a time then it is relatively easy to create a toggle button on your joystick/controller that changes what camera LV displays. We did this successfully last year. If your interested I can dig up the project and post it.

I would be very interested! Is your code for it in Java?

I do apologize for taking a while to respond. In short that project is gone forever. The HD in our programming laptop went out so at that time last year we were using a personal laptop for LabView. Only the C++ code was under version control and the laptop has since been formatted.

Essentially what we did was send a Boolean across in our DashboardDataPacket called CameraToggle. Our cameras were on 10.xx.yy.11 and 10.xx.yy.12. CameraToggle can be changed by a button or any way you like in the code. For us, if the shooter was on our alignment camera was shown. If shooter was off then our floor camera was on so we could see to pick up balls.

if CameraToggle was true then we showed .12 if it was false we showed .11. There is a section in the LV panel that determines the IP address that the camera view connects to. We inserted the above logic in between the IP and the camera view. There was one other thing we had to wire up to the camera view regarding the authentication of the second camera. Unfortunately no one remembers the details of it.

Sorry this wasn’t as helpful as I originally hoped it would be.

That’s okay, thanks for the insight. We’re just going to use two Chrome windows for now, I made a script that opens them at the right URLs for the cameras, and it performs very well.