Making a Dongle - Pin 1 help

Hey-o… I’m trying to make a dongle for our system.

Joe Johnson’s dongle whitepaper shows the Disable pin and pin 1 being switched to ground (with the more-channels pin permanently shorted). An LED is lit up through Pin 1. IFI doesn’t list anything about Pin 1. I’m assuming that Joe found out Pin 1 supplied an output voltage of some amount, and so he used that to power the LED. But, that dongle whitepaper is a few year(s?) old. So, my question is this: does pin 1 on the competition port still supply an output voltage that you can use to light up an LED?

I would assume so. Wasn’t it working?
[edit]Put a voltmeter between ground and pin 1/edit}

Be careful with Pin1. I’ve heard rumors that it is the pin used to get power to the OI during competitions, so it probably interfaces directly with much of the internal circuitry.

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**I would assume so. Wasn’t it working?
[edit]Put a voltmeter between ground and pin 1[/edit} [/b]

Yeah, I just saw many warnings about touching things like that, so I wanted to see if anyone had any expierience with making a dongle this year before I went and did that.**

You can power the OI through pin 1, it is connected to the +9V input on the input jack from the Wall Wart.

The light in the Classic Yellow Dongle only works when powered by the Wall Wart, though. It will not light when operating on tether, where the power is supplied up the tether cable from the 'bot-terry.

Give me an adress and ill send one

Thanks, but I’ve made one since I made this post:

Save it for another team that needs one =D