Making a Fast, Reliable Elevator Lift

Hi all!

My team is thinking about using an elevator lift for the 2019 season. We used one last year, but it was from the Rev kit, and wasn’t nearly as fast or reliable as the better bots’. I looked at some of the forums, but they seemed more focused on linear motion in general. I found this, but it still didn’t quite answer my question. I also read 254’s technical binder, but it wasn’t super specific. So, I was wondering, what are the best ways to make an elevator fast (not just gear ratio, but is rope/chain/something else better, etc.) without falling apart all the time? Also, would the width of the elevator (i.e., skinnier) affect this significantly? I’m more of a software person, so I’m not very familiar with a lot of hardware things, but the lift was super annoying last year and I want to make sure we don’t repeat our mistakes…



I wish I had some good, and useful, information to give you on this, but I don’t. I just wanted to say that this is a great post with very concise and easy to understand questions, so I wish you the best of luck!

I would recommend you take a look at 973 Greybots tutorial on cascade elevators.

I am a fan of the chain driven cascade elevator, and have had great success with it in the past!
Hope this video proves useful!