Making a LabVIEW Multimeter

How do you get supported devices under DAQ Assistant function ? We have a problem with finding supported devices. What is an example of a supported device we may need for this operation ?

The DAQ Assistant supports all devices listed in the readme file for NI-DAQmx 8.0.

NI Pilot Program Teams were all given NI USB-6009 DAQ devices, which can be used very nicely for the purposes of a Voltmeter but cannot be used to measure currents directly (though an Allegro Microdevices current sensor has successfully been used by team 418 with the USB-6009 device).


Thank you Danny but it seems we ither have not downloaded the 2 files or we have and are lost. Unfortunatly we are running a extreamly slow computer that would make a 56K connection look like a wireless one. :eek: :mad: But we are attempting to download these two files. ( [517mb] [174mb] ) Will this help. We are (as already stated in my first post) attempting to create a Multi-meter. But it sounds like this wont work…? :confused: Is it possible to do something similar? This will help us very much. Please give us a little bit more information on what we need do download or what we need to do.

-Bruce Barber

Bruce, I think you may have me at a disadvantage - your “team affiliation” states you’re affiliated with FIRST LEGO League team #1320, so I have no way of determining if you’re on an NI Pilot Program team. Beyond that, there are a couple things we’ll need to determine:

  1. What device are you going to use for the multimeter, i.e. how are you planning on acquiring the voltage and/or current readings? (e.g. NI USB-6009, something with an ADC, DMM with PC interface, etc…)
  2. Once you have the readings, what bus/interface do you want to use to transfer those readings into your computer? (e.g. USB, Serial, LPT, Bluetooth, IrDA, etc…)

I assume you’re using the LabVIEW 8.0 Student Edition provided in your FIRST Kit of Parts this year - if so, and you plan on using a National Instruments product as your multimeter, you need to be downloading files from the following location (It’s still 466MB, unfortunately):

Please give me some kind of idea as to how you plan on making your multimeter, and we can discuss the best way to integrate it with LabVIEW.


Well Danny,

Although we DO support FLL we also support FIRST ROBOTICS we have students from the middle school and other surrounding schools in our district coming and working with the Lego’s. We also (as stated above) are in FIRST.

Thank you Danny for you help so far with the multimeter. But we do not NEED the LabVIEW multimeter. It was mostly a project for the students that are working with LabVIEW. We did not expect it to be this hard to create. Thank you Danny for your so far help. But this seems to be too big for our students to handle. So were going to ‘nip it in the bud’ so to say.

-Bruce Barber