Making a list of stuff to try

So now that the 2005 season is over our team is finally useing its off season to try out as many different arms, bases, drive trains, controllers, manipulators, and electrical things as possible. We have been making a list of different things we would like to try but I would like any suggestions that other teams have…


  1. Brakes (Check out our break system next year it should get an award)
  2. Transmitions (probly just 2 speed shift)
  3. Extruded frames (done before but not well)
  4. Telescoping arms (circular and square)
  5. Rack and pinnun hands (103 I loved your arm i had an idea almost the same)
  6. Large rotating arms (See how much we can lift and stuff like that)
  7. Turrets
  8. Self made control boards (hey 25)
  9. Manipulators for every object within the last 5 years
  10. Maybe omni but I dont like omni unless we can make a robot that can still push
  11. Use all the sensors