Making a robotics class-please help

I will be holding an after school activity for my team once every two weeks. In it, I will discuss games of the past in an effort to have the new people (and the old) grow accustomed to the world of FISRT so that by the time build season begins, any and all members will be far more educated about robotics and how it works with FIRST.

This is a first for my team; normally, the design process lasts a few days, then the build process is very segmented and unplanned. I hope to have all new members if not immersed in the world of robotics/FIRST by kickoff, at least have their feet kind of wet.

Anyway, what I am asking from the Chief Delphi community is tri-fold:

  1. Does anyone know where I could find (or just send me) video files of the game animations from 2003-2008 (I have last years myself)?

  2. I know how the games worked (in essence, and can figure out the necessities myself) but the full blown manuals (or at least detailed robot/game rules) would be great for 2003-2008 (again, I have last years myself). Please send me a link for their download or PM with a file, etc.

  3. Finally, this goes out more to the teams as opposed to people. Pictures of national champions from 2003-2009 or robots that were known to be particularly legendary even if they did not win full championships. Please do not send me nothing but one teams photos year after year simply because they have a good reputation in general; send me photos of a robot that had a good reputation in a particular year. Additionally, I do not know as much FIRST lore as many of the people on this forum; please include a description of why a robot would be legendary (148’s 2008 drive train, 67’s 2003 manipulator) along with pictures and video footage if possible.

Thank you all so much! With your help, I hope to make my senior year on the team a most fruitful one and hopefully will make us the best team we can be and have something good to leave behind for my team when I’m gone.

Video animations from 2003 (no earlier) onward you can find on YouTube, just search “FRC (year) Game Animation” and you’ll get stuff.

You can get manual links from the FIRSTWiki, I think?

“Championship Winner” is an image tag that should help you with winning robots on CD.

Good luck!

You’re limiting yourself too much. At least get 1992 in there… FRC started in 1992. Manuals from 1992 to 2009 are available, if you know where to look. See later in the post.

I’m not sure where you could find those game animation files, though dlavery might. (Hey, he does them every year!) (Only available 2003-2009; before then, find team videos.)

Game manuals are kind of scattered. The TechnoKats History Projecthas most of them, as does firstaholics. Oh, yeah, and the 2002-2009 manuals/Q&A are located at

Pictures of legendary robots: CD-Media, hands-down. It’s got more robot photos in one place than pretty much any other known repository, unless TBA can compete with them. 71 in 2002 is one of the best; it was known for its walking file-card drive, grabbing three goals at once, and parking in scoring position. (DO NOT limit yourself to 2003-2009 on this one! Many of the “legendary” robots were before then, like 121’s famous “tipper” (1996?) or** 71**'s detaching cap that would score and then leave the robot (1997.) I’m willing to bet that most of the champions are in there, along with good robots (1114 and 330 in 2007 dominated their fields until they met better alliances), like 118’s well-known coaxial crab drives.

There are inevitably some teams that have good robots year after year, and two of the most legendary are 71 (4 Championships, more than any other team) and 111 (2 Championships and 1 Chairman’s). Find their robots; they’re doing something right. 217, 148, and 67 are also going to be up there a bit (2 Championships apiece, and a Chairman’s for 67).

We have some 2005 -2009 Game Animations available to download from our site.


Did you get permission from FIRST to rehost this material?

reaching deep into my crusty cobweb filled memory, back a couple of years ago there was discussion on CD that went like.

a) someone posted copyright material from FIRST
b) Dave said no no no that is copyrighted
c) then FIRST issued a ruling that said OK we will let it happen.
d) world peace

search on some old thread from about 2 years ago with Dave Lavery piping in.

The stuff at FIRST is copyrighted can cannot be rehosted or broadcast without permission, however ‘I think’ the game animations were released for rehosting…I think

per FIRST Team Marketing FAQ

Q: Can we post the FRC game animation on our team website and/or use it in our team promotional activities to explain the game?

Yes. The animation is to be used as-is, with no editing or alterations, and credited as follows:

Image courtesy of NASA
Archived and current game animations can be found here:

I haven’t been able to locate the game manuals from 1994 or 1995 or the KOP lists from 1994-1996 (if anyone has those I’d appreciate it)
The manuals we have gathered are at: Game Details

Thanks, I wasn’t aware there had been a general release issued.

Here’s the link to the FIRST Game Doc Archive on their website

Here is some drive train for your new team mates to see what swerve-crab-warthog like drive train could be.

And I’m currently in this class on thinking about building stuff- some of the slide shows may help you lead your team to good designs.

Hope it helps

I know the animations are on Youtube, that’s where I first saw them. I can’t use Youtube at my school; I wanted to just move video files on a flash drive.

I know that FIRST started in 1992, I just want to use 2003-2009 for now, since it’s slightly easier to explain with the help of the official game animation. If we have time after covering those years, I’ll definitely look at the earlier games and introduce them to the students.

I’m not sure if I was so clear on my earlier post when I said robots that are legendary. I know from reading old threads that team 47’s robot in the year with the first hanging bar was really spectacular, but didn’t win Nationals due to a welding break (if I got a detail wrong, someone from what used to be Chief Delphi is welcome to correct me). However, just searching image tags won’t get me that. If there are robots that were really something else, but ended up losing to someone just a little better, or had some unfortunate circumstances that made them lose, please tell me the name and the year. Thanks!