Making aerial assist more fun

Just to lighten the tone on all the negativity about this year’s game, I thought I’d start a thread asking if teams have found ways to make this year’s game more fun. Here’s how one of our mentors did it:

At Traverse City, 857 and 1322 knocked balls off the truss, dubbed by the volunteer who had the idea as “Aerial Overdrive”. During a “practice” match. :cool:

We have a few soccer players on our team so we were juggling the ball in a group. VERY hard leg workout after a while!

Careful…The Rules specifically say this year…only a ROBOT can score an actual goal!:rolleyes: And he didn’t do that “while defending”…That isn’t in the rules…But…That will warrant this thread another 245 replies (in a very short period of time), given the current state of things elsewhere.:yikes: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Turn the game completely on its head I say (while inside the box of course, attempting to climb out)…Then go out (hit every autonomous you can on the field on both sides of the truss repeatedly), and bury & hide all the Sticks. Stay far away from the Rails.

And gather up & munch on all the carrots you can possibly find in 2.50 minutes! Pure strategy…

And. that is exactly what your mentor did. Though I was so wishing he’d make the buzzer beater shot there.

Ty for that light hearted video.

Does rolling one end to end on the truss count? Check out the video at 0.46 seconds in.

Wait…Knocked them off by shooting another ball? Or using the robot? That truss is over 5’ high…Vidio link please as I’d like to see how that was actually accomplished.