Making Clothing! HELP!!!

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to create a simple t-shirt and a simple pair of pants! I would rather not use my characters and bipeds with out their clothing!

Oh and I have looked at links for the lost and I have googled tutorials forever, and I have yet to find a simple way to make clothing!
Please Help!!!

I only have basic skills I am no expert!


Cloth modifier comes to mind, (I never used it). But you would still have to model your t shirt and jeans, then apply the cloth, defining your character as a collision object. Play with the settings to make sure it does not go through your character. Or just make them very basic (cylinders and such) and bone them along with your character (no cloth simulation).

Good luck

thank you very much i will try that!!!



You know, until I realized this thread was about 3D animation, I was very confused. :confused:


You could also try making a box, using editable poly with extrude, delete the end faces and mesh smooth or relax everything to round it off. Fit it over the body figure and use the cloth modifier and it will hopefully work. no promises though I am a good animator in only the theoretical sense :stuck_out_tongue:

You could model some clothing and apply the “Garment Maker” modifier to a “pattern” of clothing. The garment maker works with the cloth modifier to create a reasonable simulation of clothing as it should deform over an animated body. This process requires a little work, but it works nicely. If you go to the HELP menu in max and type in garment maker, it will give you a walk-through on how to use it. Typically garments can be added to a character after the character has been animated because the cloth needs to be “simulated” or deformed per frame. Give that a shot, or you can just model the clothes right on the character and normal map them just like they do for video games.

Ben LaCount
Autodesk Certified Instructor