Making Code and Designs Public for 2020 season

Team 5190’s Resources:

3538 Code Release, enjoy:

All Team 488 Repositories: Highlights include:

And many more!

4810 I.AM.Robot’s code release:
All 4810 code
4810’s 2019 Code

The zip file is an unapproved framework we were thinking of using, but in it is examples of using CTRE’s libraries in LabVIEW, along with some explanations of what various functions do for out newbies (look in the initializing drivebase vi)
4810 Potential Robot Template (405.9 KB)

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I am the programming lead for team 4265. Here are the descriptions for our code. Links are posted below.

2019 Alpha Robot
Our code from the 2019 Deep Space season contains no autonomous code, as our drivers used camera feedback to drive during the Sandstorm period. This season, our focus was to make our driver’s lives easy, so we include many safety features including warning lights, tilt detection to prevent our robot from tipping, hard and soft stops for the elevator, detection of motor and encoder failures, and an override button in case of failures. Other features of our robot include autopilot, where the turning motion of the robot is partially controlled autonomously to help line up. We also use autoshifting to high and low gear and our elevator uses a PID and feed forward controller.

2019 Summer Rebuild
Since our programming team was new, in the off season we refactored our code from the 2019 season to allow our new members to learn how our code is set up. This code was meant for our Beta Robot and is a simplified version of our 2019 Alpha Robot code. It does not contain code for our elevator.

2019 Dashboard
This year, we used a touchscreen tablet for our manipulator’s driver controls instead of mapping 15 buttons to a gamepad controller. Along with these driver controls, we have many indicators for driver feedback including warning lights, camera, state indicators, overlays, and IR sensors. We also have visual cues, such as a match timer and elevator state and goal indicators. We have a tune tab for parameter tuning and indicated data points.

Autonomous Path Planner (Python)
Our path planner for autonomous programs allows the user to upload a picture of the field and add points to generate a planned path for the robot. You can change each point’s x and y values, velocity, and orientation. We apply a linear interpolation of the points and then smooth out the curves.

Autonomous Architecture
We implement our autonomous code into Periodic Tasks with the rest of our TeleOp code. We read a file that has the commands for the play we want. These commands are split into driver and manipulator controls and are run in parallel.

Toolbox VIs
This contains our commonly used VIs that are easily reusable in our code.

This is our first attempt at swerve code that we worked on this off season. Part of it was based on 2614 MARS 2019 swerve code.


And here are our links:

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It look like you accidentally linked 190 for 190 and 254. 254’s post is here. Team 254 Presents: 2019 Code for Backlash

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Team 2813 has two 2019 releases (some code overlaps and some does not). The second is in the list above, I’ll post both here:

All 1540 code (including our 2020 competition code, as soon as we start writing it) is publicly available on our GitHub at

In the past year, we’ve continued our work on our common code library, Reusable Object-Oriented Systems, Templates, and Executables for Robots (or ROOSTER for short).

Our 2019 competition code (for our robots Phineas and Ferb) is also present, containing our field-oriented tank drive system integrated with advanced custom vision pose estimation (including full 3D pose using the Limelight without compute3D, odometry to continue tracking when the camera is blocked by our elevator, automatic calibration to field/camera variances, and automatic hatch placement when in position) as well as a variety of advanced superstructure controls, a gyro-stabilized climb sequence, and self-test functions for all robot mechanisms.

You can also find the code for our 2019 BunnyBots (Chonk and Liam) as well as an unused vision system we developed during the 2019 season.

All team 5940’s code is available on our github. Repositories of note include:

Our cad from 2019 is available here (3.7gb of mess).

Team 4926 basic chassis REV 4 (2017, 2018, 2019…and maybe 2020!)

Adding 1519’s code release to the list: Team 1519 - 2019 Code Release w/2020 Beta Test Updates (Java)

Just to be extra safe, here is our code from last year as well as offseason projects.

Last year’s code: frc-2019

A rewrite of last year’s code, featuring some WPILib 2020 things (it’s on the develop branch): frc-2019-rewrite

We made a submodule for shared classes that our code will use (most of everything is on the develop branch here too): WarlordsLib

Team 3229s 2019 Code

Team 5675 Code:

Team 5675 swerve drive CAD:

Team 3044’s code:

Team 4855’s code: